How Do You View Life-Informal Poll

How do you view life?  Do you see yourself sitting still and life passing by or is life sitting still and you are zipping through it?  The way you see it is important.  I see life as still with me passing through it versus me still and life passing by.

I have a friend that is a drag.  Every single conversation is a complaint about how their job sucks, life is a drag, no body likes them, they don’t make enough money, they can’t find someone to date.  Honestly the conversation makes me want to shoot myself in the face.  Seriously it is excruciating.

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Nothing ever seems to work out for this person, but they did spark my mind.  During this short conversation this person let me in on how they view life: they are sitting still and life is just passing them by.

I am curious to know how others view life.  I am going to take an informal poll and then write a post about it.  Check out the poll here.

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18 thoughts on “How Do You View Life-Informal Poll

  1. I had never thought if life in quite those terms, but when confronted with your question, I immediately envisioned myself in a kayak and navigating a white-water river. Therefore I chose ‘other’ because I view myself as having some control, while I go with the flow.

    BTW, I know a few grumps, like the one you mentioned – I refer to them as acquaintances

    1. That is good to keep them at arms length. I have a lot of people seek me out for advice or conversation and I listen to them. I have developed a “skill” of allowing them to be around me physically, but not to infiltrate my head with the negativity. I do not ever allow them any room in me. Negativity begets negativity. Smart to call them acquaintances!

  2. If one doesn’t take “Life around you is still” literally, but rather as “same old, same old” (meaning the more things change, the more they stay the same), I agree with you seeing life as still and me passing through.

  3. It’s interesting that you see your friend as a drag versus as someone who trusts you enough to confide in you. Perhaps he sees the communication as a form of a touch, albeit emotional. Now, now, your friend tends to complain about life and you complain about communicating with him, does that make you a partial drag? (based on your earlier post about Touch)

    1. I leave it up to each person to take from a post what they take. If, of all the things I say, you take from this that I am a drag…so be it. I would challenge you to look deeper though, as the prompt was to look inside you, not at others. Introspection versus inspection. However, you are your own person and are free to see things the way you prefer. As always, I appreciate you reading and leaving a comment!

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