The Power of the Hug

I was inspired by Bright, Shiny Objects to investigate the power of the hug.  I find it peculiar that many people do not hug, ever!  Apparently there’s more to it than just love.  Check it out!

image credit: shutterstock
image credit: shutterstock

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19 thoughts on “The Power of the Hug

  1. I dance argentin tango since 2007 …hug is a prerequisite there to connect to the other person and to feel our weights and mood …I discovered how difficult is to do so for many person…but at the same time I discovered how easy it can be if you have a good reason /excuse to do it 🙂

  2. Bear hugs (other than bodylocks) or cozy hugs are considered therapeutically good both in a physical and emotional manner for the inherent benefits – frequent huggers will vouch for it!

  3. I think with all the fears being amplified in the media about contagious diseases and just a lot of peoples “No PDA (public displays of affection” upbringings this is why people don’t hug or touch each other like they NEED to! 🙂

  4. I am not a hugger by choice. I am guilted into it by people As a small child I flat out told my parents not to hug me or touch me. I am an adult now who hugs because she must at times to avoid being a prig. I think I got it into my head when I was little that hugging was part of sex and forbidden. Occasionally I find myself starting the hug, my family hugs a lot and I am getting used to it. I also consider hugs to be for comfort, not for greeting and saying goodbye. Just me, we may never figure that one out in therapy.

      1. I know we all have our quirks and that is one of mine. I still remember the day I told them not to touch me. I can imagine it hurt now that I am older and it was probably part of the mental illnesses, but I was adamant. As an adult I have learned not to pus people away.

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