Gym or Outdoors?

Although I am a huge proponent of exercise and healthy eating, I am not a proponent of gym memberships.  Statistically they are a waste of money and time as most memberships are neglected and become a financial drain.  I am, however, a huge fan of outdoor fitness!

It is free!  Run, skip, jump, walk, hike, climb.  For FREE!  Here’s another perspective:

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19 thoughts on “Gym or Outdoors?

  1. I love to be outside but for me the best yoga class in indoors with no windows and a hint of candle light. I do Zumba also which is inside but can you believe my gym membershipis only $10 a month. I joined when it opened and that price remains until I decide to quit.

  2. Another post I am a fan of. I run in the park and use a skipping/jump rope in my garden. I also use dumbells and ankle weights in the confort of my home. Gyms are definitely a waste of money… but not mine! 🙂

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