It Is There

I wrote this back in March.Β  My first attempt, ever, at writing poetry.Β  Hope you enjoy:


No matter where I go it is there
Stalking like a predator
I run, I sit, I ignore
It is there

In the wilderness, all alone
It sees me through the thicket
it crouches, it waits, it watches
It is there

In the palace, surrounded by many
It sees me through the throng
I die, I live, I hate
It is there

For years it has tracked me
Waiting for its moment
Anxious, lonely, troubled
It is there

Finally I stop, exhausted
I run no longer
I plan, I dare, I measure
It is there

Now face-to-face I glare
Into the eyes of my enemy
Looking, wondering, petrified
It is there

Astonished to see myself
For fear is me and I my fear
Confused, relieved, conquered
It is there

Big Dreamer


24 thoughts on “It Is There

    1. Norma…thank you. I am a little “shy” about this one. Not sure why, maybe because I read so much great poetry on WP. But what mine lacks in technical quality, it makes up for in honesty. Thanks for reading!

  1. I felt this as I read it – a rare thing with me reading (and writing) poetry! Even as I write this comment “it’s still there.” One of my favorite quotes about Fear comes from the movie/book Dune – Fear is the mind killer. EXCELLENT!

      1. You already proved yourself, and many people support you! Go for it whenever you feel like it – I know whatever you write will be beautiful πŸ™‚

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