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I have been plagued by a recurring dream for as long as I can remember.  As most of you know, I lived a long part of my life as a professional golfer and traveled all over competing.  In my dream I am playing in a tournament and either I lose a club and have to go back through the course searching or the group I am playing with plays faster than I and leaves me while they play ahead.

The feeling of frustration in the dream is so real that I can feel it when I wake up and it lingers throughout the day.  All of this ended many months ago when I finally finished the round of golf in my dream.  In this dream I was competing and my round was diverted down a hallway with many doors.  I was searching each room behind the doors while realizing in my mind that I was missing out on the tournament and had to return before I was disqualified.

Somehow I returned to the course and was on the last tee box.  In my mind I was telling myself to finish, once and for all finish this thing and let’s celebrate!  It was so vivid and clear.  I went through the exact routine I always have and hit a 3 wood to 3 feet, approached the green, knocked in the putt.

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I had finally finished the dream that had haunted me for more year than I could remember.  It felt better than any tournament I had ever finished or won!

Now I have a new haunting dream and it always relates to me being back in college.  Last night I dreamed that I was back on campus and sitting in a math class.  Seems normal because mathematics was my major for a number of years.

In this dream I am dropped in the middle of a semester and am confused about the subject.  It seems that I enter the class part way through the semester and have no clue what is going on.  But I must pass this class in order to graduate, but I am so far behind that there is little chance of passing.  I struggle through the class, leave and go to eat lunch at the student union.  There is no food left as they are closing, but the manager gives me complimentary pie as he feels sorry for me.

I do not get to eat the pie.  Sad.

The dream leaves feelings of frustration and angst.

I wonder if the dream is a subconscious manifestation of fear?  Or maybe doubt?

I’m not sure.

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      1. The classroom symbolizes personal growth, or a life lesson. Maybe you are uncertain about the kind of growth you want or if you are not learning what you need to. Your hunger for something more leads you to the cafeteria which is also unsatisfied (like in the classroom.) The pie also symbolizes personal reward, you are offered reward but never actually receive it or deny it to yourself. Really only you can determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you… Or maybe you just need a snack before bedtime.

  1. I’m a dream interpreter and dream often myself. The first reoccurring dream is a conscious reenactment of life. The hallway is time, the doors, different aspects of life explored through that time in order to get the big picture and finish the game.

    But it doesn’t end there. Now that you’ve finished the game, the course must be finished as well (this latest dream). Time is very short. It’s math, so you need to become aware of something in regard to the way that numbers line out. This often has to do with aspects of adding world events together and coming to a conscious conclusion.

    The student union represents the collective consciousness of souls. There is no food being served anymore. This simply means that there is no new truth to be discovered. What you need can be gleaned from what’s already out there.

    Pie is dessert and it’s sweet. Conclusions are often this way. But you have to eat it.

    It sound like more of a heads up than anything.

    1. Wow!!! I love everything you said!! And it all makes sense in regards to my life right now. I am going to save your comment and read more. Thanks!!!

  2. Dang! What happened to that pie? What type was it? Did it have a fluted edge or was it lattice work? Did it appear as freshly baked? Were you offered a fork or a spoon to manage it?
    What did the cafeteria lady look like? … So many questions, so little time. Here are my thoughts:

    The pie was an offering, a gift if you will, for all your efforts, wins or losses. You deserved the pie, but feared that you were not worthy.
    Did you perhaps incorrectly tally your scorecard once upon a time?
    Forgive yourself…the pie is your reward for being human.

    …I don’t really know what I’m talking about, I just wanted to humor you. 😉

  3. I can relate. I have recurring dreams of playing volleyball again, but I am too old to play on the high school team and so there is fear of getting caught.

    Then, I have another recurring dream that I am in high school or college and in the high school version, I cannot find my car to drive home on the last day of school. In the college version, I find out on the last day that there was one class that I was enrolled in, but failed to attend, and so I wasn’t complete yet.

    I was just thinking the other day that these dreams seem to always come around when my life is uncertain: Career wise, location wise, etc.

    I hope one day they stop!

    1. I can feel your frustration as I read this. My dreams are exactly the same type! The worst part is the feelings after I wake linger for hours. The dream might not be real, but my emotional reaction is very real!

  4. Ok, can’t help myself, “The Pie is a Lie” popped up at me – this is an infamous line from the video game Portals only it’s “The cake is a lie” in the game. You had a couple folks earlier give you some great feedback on the second dream. I dream a lot and try to interpret my dreams a lot too…the mind movies I call them. To me dreams are like the brains way of splicing together all the bits and pieces it doesn’t need in the short term memory and letting you see this before it gets shuttled away to long term storage. Kind of “oh before it goes, try to figure out what all this random crap spliced together means!”

    Like the others here, I agree the dream relates to learning. What comes to me is this dream may be about it being time for you to go back to “school”, may be revisit old stomping grounds, in your case math (or something else you did that gave you great pleasure to do), to help you “pass the class you cannot fail.” What comes to me is the class is facing your current health challenges and closing that door, to “pass the class” to “graduate.” Coming in mid semester, leaving before the class is over strike me as avoidance/distraction/disinterest/preoccupation with other things. You either weren’t ready or just didn’t want to deal with it – may be still don’t want to or are afraid to. To me the Pie represents a temporary, fleeting, empty reward for your past attempts and failures to grasp the material. A consolation prize kind of thing?

    Don’t know if any of this will resonate but thought I’d pitch in to help you interpret it.

    1. Great input. And your interpretation makes a lot of sense. I will definitely take this into my thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

  5. I have had the same college setting dream! It has been a while thank goodness, but it is a terrible feeling to feel blindsided by a test that I hadn’t even been to class or knew I was supposed to be there all term for. I knew I would fail. Maybe it’s been awhile since I ‘ve had that dream because I’m not pushing so hard for something at the moment?

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