Write A Letter To Yourself

Have you ever considered writing a letter to yourself?  I remember being instructed once to coach myself the way I would coach someone else.  So what if I gave myself advice the way I would a friend?  I want you to give this some thought and then write yourself a letter.

image credit: msnickellecadvisory.blogspot.com
image credit: msnickellecadvisory.blogspot.com

Maybe talk to yourself in writing about discouragements, failures, successes, how the job is going, the state of the family, your worries, etc.  Then  read the letter and give yourself advice.  Honest, truthful advice.

Are poor eating habits standing in the way of you getting out and doing more?  Is your out-of-control spending standing in the way of you pursuing a more likeable job?  Is procrastination holding you back from living life?  Is your general negative attitude keeping you from excelling?

Whatever the issues might be, give yourself advice.  Think about it and let me know your thoughts.

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33 thoughts on “Write A Letter To Yourself

  1. This is definitely a challenge with positive benefits and as I think about what I would put in such a letter, I can see it makes sense to physically do this. Not sure what the results of my letter to myself will be but am willing to wander into this unchartered territory.

      1. You are welcome. I really like the idea of writing a letter to yourself. Sometimes our thoughts get so jumbled, to put it all out there clearly on paper can really help sort out thoughts and create clarity.

      2. There are some great blogs. And a lot of them inspire me every day. You are correct and I am so appreciative for every one of them!!

    1. I find the same to be true. I tell people to decide the best route and go! Then I kick things around, over analyze and lollygag. Not always but sometimes.

  2. I love this idea too, I had to write my “100 yr old me” a letter or from my “100 yr old me” to my present me, I cant remember, but I just read it back the other day and was like “Oh!” I was surprised that I wrote it.. i think I will do this challenge!

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    This is an activity in a book called “Journal to the Soul.” I made many copies when I lived in Santa Monica. Three women showed up to the first meeting and we tried to meet a couple more times, but never seemed to be able to make it happen.
    The #1 KEY to making something happen is Knowing what you want. No. 2 is Seeing (i.e. visualizing) yourself doing it. Knowing what holds you back is key so if you write this letter to yourself, be brutally HONEST!
    Then, write a 2nd letter telling yourself how you’re going to get past these obstacles.
    Finally, put one foot in from of the other, day by day. Do one small thing toward that goal EVERYDAY. But don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two; pat yourself on the back and take another step.
    Give yourself a small reward every now & then. And most importantly, ENJOY EVERY STEP OF YOUR JOURNEY. Even enjoy the mistakes by learning the lesson.
    I will tell you a secret: I have made a lot of mistakes & continue to make them, but I won’t EVER give up on my dream of being a world-renowned published author.
    Peace & love to you all,
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