My Favorite Color Is Blue

I ran across this idea today that your favorite color has something to say about who you are as a person.  Do you buy into this idea?  Yes?  No?  I’m not too sure.  See what the article has to say and let me know the accuracy or inaccuracy.

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29 thoughts on “My Favorite Color Is Blue

  1. Mine is RED. Red Red Red and a little more red. I love all colours as long as they are not the ‘baby’ colours like baby blue, baby yellow etc. I like big and bold but Red, yep, thats my colour and reading the article, may have some understanding why now 🙂

  2. I think I like teal – that is my most favorite color, or lavender – love lavender. But none of those colors were options. So what does it all mean, I wonder. Lack of commitment?

  3. I cannot buy this idea because it’s a fact. There are psychological reasons why people like certain colours and not others. For instance little girls and most women in general like pink a colour that boys and lot of men don’t necessarily like much. People that like blue are more reflective and cautious than people that like bright colours. Colour is used in marketing and advertising for influencing people’s mood and make them buy goods and so on. Colour psychology is a branch of psychology. You can easily judge people by the colours that they like or wear.

    1. Your comment makes sense to me. I have not put enough study into the topic to make an educated statement, but I can say what you say makes sense to me. It is always nice to read your comments!!

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