The Need For Creativity

I have heard and read many important business people talking about the need for more creativity in our society.  That kids are not being taught to be creative and that intellect is overrunning our teaching and creativity is dying.  I believe this is a fact.  The sad thing is that it will take generations to turn this mindset around.

I will teach my kids to focus on balance between intellect and creative.  This is a great article:

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14 thoughts on “The Need For Creativity

      1. Oh, that isn’t good. I thought US has high priority about creativity. Here, in Indonesia we’re trying to improve the creativity of the students.

      2. O my God! So, if like that, the parents should be active to improve the creativity of their children. As parent, you’re doing great, my friend!

  1. Aren’t there enough burdens on the parents to work and try to make ends meet and still “be there” for their children? Now, parents are supposed to teach their children to be creative? The public school education is greatly failing the students. Here in Florida, all the instruction going on in the classrooms is directed toward the state exams. There’s not much room for teachers to let their creativity style shine through to their students. As far as I can tell, students are not as happy in school as they were many years ago, when the focus was more on creativity than it is now. For many years, parents here have been trying to get the state to stop those darn tests and allow more creative classroom instruction by the teacher and to draw out the natural creativity and imaginations of the children. I think the state has finally started to glimpse what the parents and teachers have been talking about. Who knows exactly when the testing will stop completely?

  2. Business people, politicians, educationalists, head teachers journalists and so on like to talk about the need for more creativity, the environment, obesity, crime etcetera because they are current topics talked a lot in the media.
    Most of them like to talk publicly about such subjects because doing so it give them publicity and make them look good and concerned but none of them does anything concrete to solve the problem.
    In order to promote creativity you need to employ charismatic creative people that can come out with ideas and projects that stimulate creativity in people and none of the above mentioned ones have any creativity because they are only interested in business, money status and publicity.
    As a teacher of creativity I’ve often sent applications for projects and solutions about creativity to charities, government bodies and institutions who say that they want to make children or people more creative but I’ve never got anywhere. I’ve only found shut doors.
    I don’t know about the USA, that judged from the outside seems a place open to new ideas, but the UK is one of the worst nations in the world for social mobility. It’s the place where more that anywhere else it doesn’t matter what you know or you can do but who you know. Maybe I’m in the wrong nation.

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