What If Today Was It?

I try not to play hypothetical games, but I could not resist this article.  What if today was your last day?  What would you spend your energy doing?  Worrying?  Complaining?  Commiserating?  Or loving?  Hugging?  Holding?  Caring?  Live everyday like it is the last.


image credit: gettoitfitness.com
image credit: gettoitfitness.com

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13 thoughts on “What If Today Was It?

  1. I think if this was my last day of my life – I would hope I could call my parents and brother and let them know how much they meant to me, even if it made them uncomfortable (they are British – our family doesn’t say stuff like that). I would impart as much of wisdom to my kids (such as it is) and I would show my husband how to clean the saltwater tank. Then I would sit on my patio and watch the sun set and talk to my dogs.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts. I like that you would spend the last moments with your dogs. I find myself forgetting sometimes that Sir Bentley is not human. I would want him there in my last moments too. Great comment!

  2. I would go home to my mum.Cook her something really good,and probably tell her all my financial investments.Then call my boyfriend tell him to move on and that I love him.And then praise and dance in the presence of God all by myself.

  3. I think about this all the time! I try to make every day productive to some extent, because every second wasted is every second lost.

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