One Key to My Weight Loss

When I decided to start living a healthy lifestyle, I really didn’t know what I was doing.  All I knew was I needed to change.  So I sought out advice from others that had succeeded in taking off poundage.  During this time of self-education I was introduced to the SkinnyTaste website and recipes.  Btw, in no way am I paid to give this information, I am simply passing on to you things that have helped me in living a healthier life.

Anywho, Gina Homolka is the founder of Skinny Taste and I thought it would be nice to pass along her recipes as “highly recommended!”  With out further adieu, meet Gina and!

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5 thoughts on “One Key to My Weight Loss

    1. If this is Markie Mark, I am glad you introduced Evelina and I to SkinnyTaste. You can live satisfied that you helped us change our lives forever!! Now at 168!!

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