The Talking Stick

I have seen the talking stick used in movies, but did not understand the importance of the concept.  I want to continue the thought from this morning about listening so I did a Google search on ‘stop arguing and start listening’ and this is the article I found.  It provides a great way to encourage listening while another person is speaking.  Check it out:  and you can learn more about the talking stick here.

image credit: pinterest
image credit: pinterest

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17 thoughts on “The Talking Stick

  1. I love it. Maybe it will stop my daughter from talking back and mumbling under her breath whil I’m trying to speak. There will be one present at the dinner table tonight. Thanks for giving me a positive, possibly effective way to nip our talking over each other in the bud 🙂

  2. The American Indians like my great grandmother’s Blackfoot tribe used the the talking stick to let everyone in the tribe contribute to the conversation. She passed away long before I was born, but my grandfather taught me all about their way of life. Wish I could have met her!
    Jeanette Hall

    1. This is the first time I have spent any time reading out the stick. It is such a great idea and reiterates to me the respect the Native Americans had/have for each other, life and nature.

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