Stop the Insanity-Proceed With Caution


Stop this insanity.  “Dieting” is not working for anyone.  Do you know what works?  LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Eat more lean meats, fresh veggies, fresh fruit and whole wheat grains in moderation.  And do this forever and ever and ever.  It is the only way to find success.

STOP eating processed foods, sugar, sugar drinks, Little Debbie cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, fast food and the like.  I am about to dish out some tough love and I almost feel the need to apologize a little for how I’m about to say this, but I’m just gonna say it…

If you are fat and you do not have a medical condition, meaning that you are how you are because you lie around, eat crap food, never move your body or participate in physical activity, then shame on you.  I have a debilitating disease that I could easily use as an excuse, but I appreciate what I have and work diligently to show appreciation for what I can do.  IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MORE, THEN EXPECT MORE OF YOURSELF!

Good lord why does some guy that writes a blog, that you’ve never met care more about your health than you??  How is it even possible that some complete stranger cares more about you than you care about yourself?????????  Don’t you find this fact completely and utterly insane?

And why do I care so much?  Because I believe and know that you are more capable than you are giving yourself credit.  Any one can do what I have done!  I see you every day at the grocery store loading your cart with frozen dinners, processed boxed food, fatty meats, sugary foods…and getting fat.  I see you at the restaurant buying a milkshake each day at lunch because you “deserve it”…and getting fat.  I see you drinking 15 sugary sodas each day because you are “addicted”…and getting fat.  I see you sitting in the drive-thru line at Wendy’s because you are too “busy” to prepare your lunch the night before…and getting fat.  I see you each day eating food that is going to contribute to your family lowering you into a grave.  And the funny/sad thing is you don’t care.

Wow, Dreamer is being rough today.  Well I’m tired of watching people die because they couldn’t resist eating 10 milkshakes a week or too much of a procrastinator to visit a therapist to find out why they are addicted to eating.  I’m tired of looking at people at the grocery store that can barely bend over.  I’m tired of seeing people that are slowly killing themselves and their children because of the crap they eat.

Let me dish out another bit of truth.  Death does not discriminate as to why you are fat.  If you have a problem with food, then you better go find someone to help you understand why and change or else you will die a premature death.  This might be hard to hear, but heart disease kills 1 in 3 women in the United States every year, with obesity being one of the top contributors. ONE in THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello!!  McFly??!!

Oh and for those that are saying “I’m not that fat,” or “I’m not that bad.”  Yes you are.  If you are carrying around extra fat around your vital organs, then you are at risk.  70% of the United States is considered to be at minimum “over weight”.  So unless you are in the fit 30% you need to change your life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s only 5 or 10 pounds, your risk is elevated.

I will say this as plainly as I can…”You are not okay.”

I ask you again…How is it possible that I care about you more than you care about yourself?

This was me at approx. 195 pounds. See the big belly?

In December I was fat.  I had a huge fat tire ring around my waist and I decided to do something about it, read all about it here.  I started by throwing out all the processed junk food and restocked my cupboards with quality fuel foods, retrained my thinking and starting expecting more of myself!  Seven months later I am 168 lbs., lightest since high school, and I am so thankful that my past self did something for the new Danny, but I still have a long way to go so I keep focused.

Stop using excuses for your laziness.  Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and hating yourself because of what you see.  Stop saying that tomorrow is the day.  Stop, stop, stop, stop!  Oh, btw, not being able to move much physically is no excuse.  I force myself to walk the dog 3-4 times per day.  That is all I do to “work out.”

This is me 7 months later at 168 pounds.  I'm in the light red shorts.  No, they're not pink, they are light red!
This is me 7 months later at 168 pounds. I’m in the light red shorts. No, they’re not pink, they are light red!

I control my weight exclusively through my eating because I have to due to my limitations.  You might be confined to a wheel chair, but that has nothing to do with you stuffing your mouth with ice cream and ballooning to 400 pounds!  Reality check, just sayin.  Your condition has little to do with mobility, but has everything to do with self-control.  Anybody and everybody can eat healthy food, regardless of physical constraints.

Go right now and read Time For Me To Change.  It is time for you to become a doer once and for all and it starts today.  Not tomorrow because you said that yesterday!  Right now, immediately.  You can do it.  It will be hard.  It will take time.  But, you can do it!  Today, be me 7 months ago and take action.  I promise you will thank yourself as I do now!

Big Dreamer


33 thoughts on “Stop the Insanity-Proceed With Caution

  1. Yeah, “light red” 🙂
    What an amazing difference in your before and after photos!
    I agree that dieting without lifestyle change doesn’t work. You just end up putting the weight back on because – nothing’s changed.

    1. I have a small group that I am currently working with on learning to live a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to the physical activity portion, I preach to do whatever it is that you can do. If you can only walk to the end of the driveway and back, then do that. If you can run 10 miles, then do that. But the eating thing I find to be inexcusable for anyone to neglect. if you have to grow your own veggies then do so. Every person should expect of themselves to do the very best that they can do.

      1. My son won’t let me use my handicap placard. He parks as far away as he can get and makes me walk. And today I had to walk from the parking garage to my dr’s office down the street. I live upstairs and have to climb up and down them everyday. So I am not totally without movement.

        Still trying to fit the veggies in. Sometimes it is like taking medicine you can’t stand. I do like a few veggies just not a big selection of them and I prefer them separate rather than in salad. I am peculiar that way.

      2. Evelina made a turkey meatloaf the other day that had all the veggies in the loaf. Ground up and added like bread crumbs. I ate my entire meal and then she told me the veggies were inside. I had no idea! I believe you can do whatever it is you put your mind to doing. Oh and salads suck and I do not recommend them for anyone. And I am not alone in that opinion. They are the most over-used and over-abused “diet” meal ever. Just eliminate the processed stuff and of course the sugar.

      3. If I do eat a salad it no longer qualifies for a salad I add so much else to it and salad dressing. I would rather eat a cucumber or bell pepper or a handful of red cabbage or a tomato as a fruit, especially our great NJ tomotoes.

        I might try something if they didn’t tell me it contained vegetables too.

  2. COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF! … Do you know how many times I’ve heard thyroids get the blame? But I have yet to hear that ‘diagnosis’ confirmed by a doctor. Meanwhile, I watch the individual have a couple of flakes of cereal with their bowl of sugar….
    BTW, a few months ago, when my husband wanted to lose a few pounds, the only diet change he made was to drink his coffee black instead or with cream and sugar.

    1. One of my life mantras is…if you want different results in life, pick different actions. Why is it so ridiculously difficult to convince folks to just eat more veggies and less crap? Why does it take a catastrophic event like a heart attack to wake people up?

    1. I almost didn’t post this as I thought my tone was too tough or harsh, but the reception has actually been very positive. I have said since Dream Big’s inception that if one person changes their eating habits because of this blog, then it was a success. One less fatherless or motherless child.

      1. Most people simply do not realize that 90% of the work is what you consume. Im very glad you posted this, as those whom can clearly see (read), they have no excuse no matter what their situation is. Keep up the good work, I am quite sure that you’ll inspire a hefty handful my friend!

  3. I’ve always thought of dieting as a temporary thing. I prefer to enjoy a healthy eating plan. Now that is something I can sink my teeth into. PS down 30 pounds and 5 inches since Jan 1. And I feel better than I have in a long time.

      1. Yes. I can end over and put palms on the floor without ending knees or falling over. This came in helpful as I completed a deck project and did not have to crawl sound on my knees to finish the work.

      2. It is the simple things that I find I appreciate. Walking up stairs, smaller sized clothes and generally feeling better. Great job!

  4. Haha I was at the cancer center all day and missed this one so when I saw that you mentioned you had written a “rant” I HAD to check it out! GO DANNY GO! 😂

    Btw, you totally rock the pink *light red* shorts lol!

  5. This wasn’t a rant to me 🙂 I would add — have you ever stopped for a moment and asked yourself WHY you want to eat junk? What are you trying to “fill” besides your stomach? Are you stressed? Depressed? Have family/financial/friend/work problems you haven’t been able to deal with or are avoiding? Are you in physical pain? When we get to the “why” there is a whole lot less of the “what” (aka junk food and unhealthy habits). FACE THE DRAGON SO YOU CAN RIDE IT!

    1. I encourage those with emotional problems which manifest as eating disorder to go seek professional help. I stay out of getting that deep as I am not qualified to discuss it with education. But I do agree the “why” is very important.

  6. Reblogged this on As I see it and commented:
    A “stop sign” from our friend Dream Big, Dream Often. He felt it was a rant but I don’t think so! DIETS DON’T WORK – lifestyle changes do – they aren’t temporary, they are for LIFE!
    Anyhew – this wasn’t a rant to me 🙂 I would add — have you ever stopped for a moment and asked yourself WHY you want to eat junk? What are you trying to “fill” besides your stomach? Are you stressed? Depressed? Have family/financial/friend/work problems you haven’t been able to deal with or are avoiding? Are you in physical pain? When we get to the “why” there is a whole lot less of the “what” (aka junk food and unhealthy habits). FACE THE DRAGON SO YOU CAN RIDE IT!

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