Why Eat Better?

I have many readers that deal with serious health issues: depression, MS, ALS, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cancer and many others.  Why would you not want to give your body the best fighting chance to survive?  If you have a disease then why would you not help your body versus help the disease?  I lived in a neglectful state for many years, but decided one day that I was tired of helping MS destroy my body.

I started giving my body the right type of ammunition to fight back.  I lost weight, cut down on junk and fueled my bod with veggies and fruit.  What a difference!  Here are the effects of a neglectful eating regimen:




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19 thoughts on “Why Eat Better?

  1. I just read an article in the paper today saying that obese people have surpassed overweight people in the United States. It’s based on your BMI, which I don’t like as a gauge as it doesn’t take into consideration whether you are male or female. I know from experience that eating poorly just makes you feel like crap. I love my sweets, but being a middle aged person makes losing weight so much more difficult. It really is easy to eat healthy, it just takes some effort that a lot of people are not willing to put forth.

    1. Yes, and that last statement is accurate. It takes effort that a lot of people are not willing to put forth. And I love sweets also. Anything sweet is my temptation. but I resist and only allow myself the occasional treat.

  2. From my experience, a lot of people do know the truth, do know what should eat in order to don’t rush their bodies into more disease and misery, but choose to ignore it, as fast food is more tasty. I wrote a lot of times on my blog about the importance of choosing the right supplier of vegetables and meat, and some don’t want to read, because they are afraid of what they might find out. I would be more afraid of what I’m eating… 🙁 Thanks for trying to inspire others to eat better! Have a lovely day!

  3. One of the tests the doctor ran when my eye issue began (loss of some of my vision) was a B-12 test. Of which I was low. Not sure if it’s the cause, but a wake-up call nonetheless.

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