Do What You Say

My posts today about white lies have been a lead in to a much more important idea.  That idea is that little white lies might be okay in some circumstances, but overall people must be able to trust the words that come from your mouth.

I talked about this in April, Your Word Is Your Bond, and I want to stress to everyone that it is important to do what you say you will do, especially in the small things.  You are judged by the words you speak and the action you put behind those words.  Regardless of the size of the commitment, keep it.  Do what you say you will do!  This is why being organized is also very important!  Every element of life ties back into the big picture: health, debt, organization.  This article reiterates this idea:

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7 thoughts on “Do What You Say

  1. OH yes and it’s all about integrity for me! I think when someone says something it could be checked on and be SO! No such thing as a white lie to me! No difference a lie is a lie! Great post!

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