Little White Lies

Lying amazes me.  Apparently, it amazes researchers as well.  The behavior is learned, but almost seems instinctive if you have ever watched a child learn how to fib.  It almost comes easy or natural to them.  Is that because they watch us?  Is it innate?  Is it learned?  Check out this article on little white lies:

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8 thoughts on “Little White Lies

  1. People lie often because of fear. Fear of being punished or rejected. Sometimes you tell likes just to get people out of your face. Especially when you’re depressed, dejected, sad and under stress you lie and say everything is okay when it’s not. I do it all the time because I don’t want to share my truth with anyone. At times we all wear a mask. That mask of happiness that does not really exist but you need that mask in order to survive.

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