Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Originally posted in March 2015:


I wonder what the world would be like if all white lies were eliminated and people told the truth?  “Yes, your butt does look fat in that dress.”  I find it interesting that we teach kids to tell the truth, but when they tell someone their breathe stinks or that their nose is big, we scold them and tell them to stop.  Kids learn quickly that telling small lies is acceptable as long as they lie in an acceptable manner.  I am not sure how I feel about this topic as I have bent the truth to get out of unseemly dinner dates or the undesirable business luncheon.

I know people that speak the truth and they are not the most well liked individuals, although they do have people seek them out for advice.  Sometimes I think we want people to lie to us to escape certain realities of life.  The unattractive want to hear they are beautiful.  The unintelligent want to be told occasionally that they are smart,  The selfish want to hear that their actions were generous.  The bad want to be told they did something good.  The workaholic wants to be told he/she is a good family member.



Maybe the white lie exists to protect us from unnecessary negativity.  After all, who wants to hear the brutal truth on a bad hair day?!  Or who wants to hear 100 times per day that their ears are big?  It would be an incessant barrage of truthful confidence crushers and would require someone to have a heart of stone to go unaffected.   Maybe we lie to keep the peace.  Plus, most people simply cannot handle honesty about their tasteless wardrobe or poor choice of hair color or the obviously bad comb over.  Could you imagine our society if people told the truth?!

For me I’ll pick the world that lets me believe I am a normal eared, brilliant, generous, beautifully bald, intelligent, funny, stylish, charasmatic and handsome guy.  Oh, and awesome dancer! And anyone that says anything to the contrary is just a big meanie!


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40 thoughts on “Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

  1. I dunno about you but telling some lady that her butt looks big in a dress is almost an invitation for a black eye from her. I’ll take the safe route. 😉

      1. yeh, I think they could be a lot less painful given the right moment and circumstance. otherwise “POW!”. that would ruin a day.

  2. Really interesting post 😊 I believe that lying is both good and bad but it depends on the person lying and the reason behind the lie. Everyone lies so I don’t think I could imagine a world where everyone told the truth. That would probably be the cause of many wars. 😊😊 I use little lies all the time as who wants to tell a person that they look fat 😊 But an amazing post and really well written 😊

    1. Ruth…thank you very much. The idea behind the post, as you may have gathered, was to spark a conversation about lying to lead to a bigger conversation about the ultimate character behind the person telling the white lies. This is a lead in to being a person that keeps their word and the power of having integrity. And I agree with you that little white lies are necessary.

  3. If humans did not have an ego, I think a world full of truthful criticism could be possible. We all have an ego. We can be hurt by what people say about us, we can be selfish, we want to look good to others, and we lie to avoid trouble. We say that some people have a “big ego.” But if I have something in my teeth, tell me. If my breath stinks, tell me to chew some gum. But if you are to attack me as who I am, things I cannot control such as the size of my nose or the color of my hair, then that draws the line and you are just being an indecent human being.

    Great post Dray

  4. I think white lies to spare someone’s feelings are fine, but I think people bend the definition of a white lie for their own convenience..

  5. I try to be honest with people and I DO NOT like to be lied to – little white lies or otherwise. Honesty is a cornerstone for me in any relationship. This said, sometimes it’s what we don’t say that tells the truth to someone not wanting to hear it.

  6. I was going to say that I don’t lie much at all, I really don’t, but I do say I am fine when I am not because I have found people don’t want to hear the truth.

  7. I think the white lie is a show of respect for the idea that we need our illusions until we don’t. Eventually that fat butt is noticed by its owner; but not until she’s ready to let go of the thin one she has in her mind.

  8. Intriguing article. 🙂 Personally, I appreciate honest criticism (aka mirror), as the way to grow. Of course, one key is the sharing should be done in the most considerate manner, clearly but as gently as possible. 🙂

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