Exercise As A Key Habit

We are keepin-on, keepin-on!!  I will say it till the day I die: you must start taking care of your body today!!  Care about yourself enough to take care of yourself!  Just start today by going for a long walk.  It is that simple.  Just start!


image credit: everydayhealth.com
image credit: everydayhealth.com

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10 thoughts on “Exercise As A Key Habit

    1. It is as easy as walking out the door and down the block for 5 minutes each day. Sometimes we make things more difficult than they really are. Commit to walking 5 minutes every day. That’s all you have to do. Danny

  1. Walking is difficult for me for long periods, but taking lots of short ones and climbing the stairs more. I was surprised today that I could actually bend over. My body normally wouldn’t bend. I must be getting looser.

    1. I had the same issues, but have noticed a HUGE change since giving my body the right fuel. Imagine a car that needs a tune up. It struggles to operate properly and desperately needs to get to the mechanic. If you realize there is something wrong with the car, what sense would it make to add mud to the fuel and then pour into the gas tank? That is what we do when we eat crap food. The body has to have the proper fuel, especially for those with chronic conditions. Once it starts receiving that in the right portions you will experience two changes: weight loss will take the pressure off your legs and joints and the body will have a better chance to try to heal itself, as designed. Danny

  2. I’m afraid, like Tessa, long walks are out of the question for me. Maybe if I lost weight it would be easier but that’s just impossible for me at the moment. I do short walks, take the stairs and try to power walk for as long as possible. Yesterday, I didn’t take my usual 4 short walks but did one medium walk. Now my legs are aching, nerves jumping and breathing is laboured. What I wouldn’t give to feel the way I did in my teens. Then I tipped the scales at 7 stones, could eat all day long and never gain weight. I walked miles every day and wore jeans and T-shirt every day. My only concession to winter was the scarf and denim jacket I wore extra on really cold days. Nowadays I find that I wrap up extra in the winter, comfort eat and my weight has more than doubled.

    1. The reason I stopped eating fast food, processed food, starting watching my calories and started losing weight was to give my body the best chance of fighting MS. My body has to be my temple and it is crucial to take care of it. I have lost almost 24 pounds in 7 months by watching calories and not eating junk. And my feet, legs, hips, shoulders, chest, elbows and fingers kill me when I walk, but I refuse to stop. I will not allow this disease to dictate terms. I have developed a mentality of battle: me against it. And I will win. I highly recommend to everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, but for those that suffer from chronic conditions it is a must! Hope you feel better! Danny

      1. Thank you Danny, it must be hard coping with MS, I wish you a long, pain free life. May you succeed where others have fallen. I sincerely hope a cure is found for MS sooner rather than later.

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