How Dare You

Life will scream in your ear:

How dare you think you of all people can succeed.

You are nothing

You are a nobody

You are not smart enough

You are not pretty enough

Maybe you should just settle for what you can get

How dare you!

You don’t have a good enough education

You don’t know the right people

You’re just big boned

You don’t have the right color skin

You’re too fat

You’re too skinny

You’re not strong enough

The truth is you are good enough, you are smart enough and you are strong enough.  Don’t listen, put your head down and show up. Identify your areas of weakness and turn those areas into strengths!

Starting tomorrow I will begin a series that I am so excited about!!  We will discuss each of the habits on the Habits of Successful People list!  I use this list as my mission statement for life, as I believe in the list that strongly.

I believe that you must construct your life versus leaving your future to happenstance.  Does that guarantee success?  No it does not, but I would rather take my chances by installing quality life habits versus poor habits.

Big Dreamer


16 thoughts on “How Dare You

  1. I like what you wrote about – identify your weakness and make it your strength. I have procrastination and a feeling of dejection, whenever I take up a new task. I know I must do but thoughts of ” I can’t do it- so why should I try” constantly haunt me, so much so that I give up even before I started. I will try to make this my strength. 🙂

    1. I was a procrastinator, but I attacked it aggressively. One thing that helped me, believe it or not, was making the bed first thing in the morning. I trained myself to make the bed immediately. I did this every single day no matter what. It was the only thing I focused on to change. That help me build a habit of action and completion. You should try it.

  2. I love your response to susieshy45. I used to be fastidious about this but stopped. Starting tomorrow I am making my bed first thing! And cleaning out the cat litter boxes second!

  3. oh this post reminds me of how i have never listened to rubbish like that aye and my kids have always been fighters like there mum a warrior women never sits still.only when shes having a nice cup of tea.or reading your posts wonderful.

  4. Your words come from the heart…no wonder they ring with truth.I must say your views offer a fresh,realistic insight on life…yet they are unrealistic to some extent because like me you too are a dreamer.we walk on earth but are head is always in the clouds,However the realities of life are there to wich cannot be ignored.So in every regard your blog has inspired me it really is interesting.By the way I really appreciate that you followed me ….it really is an honour to get connected with great people.So keep walking in air..let your mind wander..there is an art to loosing ourself..keep elightening!!

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