And We Teach Our Kids Our Bad Habits

I do lots of people watching.  I find it helps me understand behavior and helps me write more informed articles for this blog.  The one aspect of habits that burns me up is when I see parents passing on their poor life habits to their children.  The most common that I witness are: poor eating, no exercise, fiscal irresponsibility and watching too much television.

One of the reasons that I started making so many changes to my habits is so that when Evelina and I start a family I have positive habits in place to demonstrate to our children the proper way to live life.  Exercising, making good food choices, living a life of moderation and balance, being kind and generous, reading, being respectful of one’s body, etc.

When I see parents feeding their overweight children fast food and allowing them to spend 5-6 hours per day in front of the television or computer it drives me absolutely bonkers.  Take a look at the effects television has on kids:

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20 thoughts on “And We Teach Our Kids Our Bad Habits

  1. Same here in Manila… And often, parents violate traffic rules with their kids on board their cars. And in the eyes of the kids, their parents are their role models.

  2. Absolutely agree! But without sounding patronizing as the snooty ‘bin-there-done-that” parent: Children learn also from honest parents who are not afraid to make mistakes, and put things right again.Perfection leads to pain.
    And that is another thing, they won’t learn form TV ;0) ugh..if only for those endless commercials. I stopped watching all together, I never miss it and I spend so more time doing things I really like and feeding mind and spirit properly. Love and Peace, Johanna

  3. Daniel
    I have been a poor role model for my kids in the matter of TV and God knows how many other things, they might have subconsciously adopted from me.
    One fear that gnaws me daily is whether the fights and arguments my spouse and I had during our marriage will leave our children disgruntled about marriage, when the time comes.

  4. Love this article! I completely agree that our kids need us to show them good eating, fitness and soulful habits. I wish more parents took the time to feed their kids real foods and take them outside to get them moving! If I thought the type of parents that needed to hear it would listen, I would dedicate an entire blog to this subject. Sadly though only the parents who are already doing this would read it.

    1. Your words are true and that fact makes my heart hurt. I get mad at parents that I see passing on horrible life habits and I also feel sorry for them. Like I have said, my wife and I do not have kids yet, but I have already begun installing good habits in my life in preparation. I take it very seriously. I will continue to “preach” a healthy lifestyle hoping that 1 person listens and changes. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. It means a lot!

  5. I think some parents just don’t care. They are miserable and they raise miserable children. I’m reminded of the old saying..the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

  6. I actually raised my kids with no TV. Yes, true story. You wouldn’t believe how many books we read, how much playing we did, and the amount of hobbies they had. They are 25 and 22 now, and still say they had the best childhood. I know I enjoyed their childhood! 🙂

  7. I am 12 years old, so I will tell you my point of view from an older childs part. What you said is true. One thing I don’t like about what adults do is constantly nag, nag, nag though!! Like, before when I was younger, my parents weren’t to nosy in what I’m doing, but now, almost everything do they know !!! And about the ‘have a chat with the kids’ thing my parents do from the various parenting courses they’ve been on doesn’t really work once you become around 10. As when I was little, I used to appreciate it, now i’m just like in my head ‘oh, just hurry up, I don’t bother about what you have to say, blah blah blah!!’ And it’s the same with my class too. I prefer asking my mum when I want to know something or dropping a hint, but I think, best results come from eavesdropping . Another I don’t like is when my parents are like ‘stop being a bad influence to your younger siblings, where did you learn it from? books, t.v or school?’ I’m thinking ‘or maybe i’m just being a normal 12 year old not a 20th century freak!’ . Everything else about my parents I love. Like cuddles from my mum, no budget in shopping from dad, lifts to everyewhere from dad, my mum letting me sleep in her bed in holidays, I just love that, and when my parents tell me stories of their hilarious childhood, and and the random surprise and treat, doesn’t neccessarily have to be materialistic and when my parents take interest in my work.
    hope you find my tips about being a star parent good, sorry if i was judgemental.
    have a fab rest of the day

    1. I am glad you took the time to leave your perspective, Mahjabeen. It is not everyday that I have a 12 year old comment and what a great perspective you have left with us. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

  8. plus, a little t.v is important, I normally use chromecast or youtube,. Another thing that helps me be better behaved is when my parents give me responsibility, not of my brother or sister, i mean things like being able to be out a while, or being safe on phone, I actually listen, and if i didn’t i would feel soo bad, but when they limit my freedom, end up secretly doing what i was told no, unless before they say no, they give me a chance to express my poiny of view, and based on that they make a fait desicion.
    bye bye

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