Another Perspective on Television

I will always give you my opinion, after all, this is my blog!!  But I don’t want to simply spout words from my soapbox and expect you to take it as the gospel.  My theory is that successful people are because they implement a certain set of habits specifically designed to point them in the direction of success.  Add a little persistence, desire and hard work and you give yourself a better opportunity to succeed!

As we work our way through my list of Habits of Successful People, I want you to take honest inventory of your habits and use that assessment to determine if your habits are contributing to you reaching your goals or are they hindering your progress?  Don’t make excuses, don’t fudge the numbers, don’t lie to yourself.  Be honest.  If you are watching 2-6 hours of television or media related shows then you probably need to cut that down to 30 minutes.

Check you this article for a second opinion:


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11 thoughts on “Another Perspective on Television

  1. I like watching shows where I can learn something like Brain Games etc. on channels like National Geographic or History channel. But I do like to indulge in Big Bang Theory and Impractical Jokers.

    1. Lots of people do. I think we have been trained to watch TV and to consider it an acceptable use of time. The problem is people spend 5 hours per day on average watching television or shows on mobile devices. Time that could be better spent reading, exercising, going to night school, taking up a hobby, etc.

  2. How funny. I was addicted to Tv when I had cable. Then with free boadcast, I still watched too much. I havent watched it at all now for 7 weeks. And I honestly don’t miss it. Now I gotta work on my FB habit. Groan

  3. I often watch documentaries on Netflix, when I’m researching a subject or location for my novels. I prefer Netflix because there are no time-wasting commercials and I can fast forward to the bits I am interested in…. I can also turn it off and come back, later.
    That said, I admit that I also enjoy Big Bang Theory and House of Cards for an occasional bit of ‘just because’.

  4. Life was certainly different in the “old” days…we had to rely on sports , books, friends, family , and our imagination…which I think made us more active and aware ….now you sit back and find out things by typing on your iPhone, iPad, computer, or tablet and let your fingers do most of the outreach.

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