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Some of the references in this article are dated (i.e. Breaking Bad), but the idea remains constant: successful people commit to not watching much television.  I want you to recall my words every time you turn on your 50″ flat screen…when you decide to watch television instead of doing something productive, you are making the decision to put yourself in a less successful mindset.

There are very specific habits that nearly all successful people implement in their lives and there are habits they avoid like the plague.  Inventory your habits and then compare the list to your level of success or to the expectation you should have of yourself!   If the your life results are not what you want, then change your habits!  It is that simple.

If you are capable of more, you should do more.

If you were to stop today you would have 5 extra hours each day to do these things:

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27 thoughts on “Instead of Watching TV…

  1. I wrote a post a while back about the reasons I choose to not watch television. I have many reasons, some people agreed with and some did not. A lot of people, I found, use television as a way to decompress after a long day. I will watch the occasional House Hunters or Chopped with my husband, but I avoid movies and the news like the plague!

  2. Hi. I agree with you. I’ve not been watching TV for more than four years unless I was in public places and there was a TV mounted on the wall. I found reading, and writing, is (of course) a lot better, it pushes me to be a thinker. (Yay, I’m a thinker).

  3. I used to watch TV daily. Now I am too busy trying to promote my book, build my platform & work on 2 WIPs. I don’t have time. Mind you I take break once a week to catch up on a few shows.

  4. Time has changed so much. I remember when the shows on TV used to encourage everyone to go outside, read a book, or even travel. Don’t see that so much anymore- if anything, they encourage Netflix/reality tv marathon binges. lol.

  5. I love this post! I’m a big fan of so many of those 50 things to do! I would much rather be doing almost anything besides watching television. We probably have about 3 shows per week that we’ll watch in the fall/winter…but once the season is over tv is history! Thanks for linking the list as a reminder of so many other things to do 🙂

    1. A little television is not too bad, but most people don’t watch a “little” TV, they watch a lot of TV! 5 hours per day on average is a complete waste of time.

  6. I do watch from time to time but most nights, in my household, I’m the one listening to music and writing in the back room whilst inane drivel occupies the watchers in the other room!

    1. I will watch a show on Netflix, but I do not camp out in front of the tele and watch. Sometimes for sporting events, but rarely will I even watch an entire game before I move on to something else.

  7. I do watch TV, but I’m trying to remember to pick up my knitting and hand sewing so that I get something done! I like to relax at night, but I often go to bed early and read. Love reading!

  8. I do not own a TV. Threw it out in the garbage. Plus I cannot afford Cable but I do watch programs on Netflix and YouTube. It is a way to relax after a long tiring exhausting demanding day on the job. I feel so drained after work that I try not to do anything that requires me to think because my brains are like scrambled eggs.

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