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I saw a report that stated kids were watching less TV and I got excited until it said they were watching shows on mobile devices, which is basically the same thing.  Semantics.  This article provides insight into a huge problem in the United States: too many people spend too much time watching television!   I found these numbers to be staggering, but they explained a lot:

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7 thoughts on “Watching Television

  1. The increase with age makes sense – as people get older they often become more sedentary. I wonder how they acquired the stats. I’ve heard older people will leave their tv on for company/noise to help alleviate loneliness etc. I use to, trying not to these days, just leave ours on as background when I’m crafting or whatever.

  2. Ever since I read your post about 4 stars for TV as the cause of bad habits, I have tried to stop watching it. Today I gave in and watched TV for half an hour- I hope to stop even this soon. Thank you so much for advising me.

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