Finding Balance

There is no secret to living a healthy lifestyle, as a matter of fact it’s pretty much common sense.  Walk around the block every day, eat lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains.  Then drink plenty of water.  Simple right?  So why do so many people struggle with this formula?  Is it due to emotional eating?  Loving sweats?  Laziness?  Ignorance?

I am not sure why so many people struggle, but I sure am glad my eyes were opened and I saw the light!!  Read this:

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14 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. There also so many products promoted as healthy when they are not and there’s always this new fantastic diet that works miracles. You want the whole pie but you want to eat it as well! There are many temptations. I always enjoyed healthy food. I also believe that my family played a great role, we were never used to junc food.

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  2. My problem is my sweet cravings- I struggle to find substitute protein to compensate for my sugar drive. I can eat only limited types of animal protein and much of plant protein has starch inside- and if I focus on buying eatable animal protein, my budget goes haywire.
    It sure is a delicate balance.

    1. When folks start talking to me about the expense of healthy eating my first thought is to do what I did: cut out cable or satellite television. If you don’t have pay television then I would honestly analyze my budget and find an extra $100 that I am wasting. It is that important.

  3. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but we’re expecting something much harder. If I follow the healthy habits of my childhood, it’s much simpler. Thanks for your post today. 🍓

  4. Well, people expect their food to be prepared. Meatballs half-cooked, yoghurts with ‘banana flavour’ and many more. Sweats is more of a numbing tool. For example, in my school, there’s a kiosk quite close. After school, everyone goes there, and then heads into the central station. Many are concerned with grades and divide learning. I am on the 9th grade’s english ( while I’m in the 6th grade ), but I don’t concern myself with any grades etc.
    A tip for living healthier is to visit a zonetherapeut. My step-father is one… And also, don’t eat flour!

  5. My problem is my crazy work schedule. Sometimes I work up to 12 hours a day. I don’t feel like cooking when I come home from work or on my days off. It is easier just to get what’s in the vending machine, the corner bodega or Chinese food. I know that I should do better especially since I already had a minor stroke and I have high blood pressure but I’m so tired and exhausted I just sleep during what little time off available. I followed the healthy food diet for a while but as my job has become more and more demanding food shopping is not high on my priorities.

    1. I can understand what some say about the demands of time and cooking. The truth is you only have one body to live in so why not take care of it. The food you eat is fuel and you would not add mud to your gasoline and pour into your car. Are you not more valuable to you than your car? Trust me I have this same conversation 100+ times per month and your opinion is very common. My question to you is: do you find it odd that I care about your health more than you? And I say that respectfully speaking. Buy yourself a slow cooker and cook 4 quarts of food like healthy chili with turkey that you can eat 2 minutes from the microwave. Don’t let it take another stroke to wake you up…your body is important and you must make it a priority.

  6. I have so many responsibilities that it’s just easier to eat out. I can no longer drive because I lost some vision in my left eye due to the stroke. I think I’m more afraid of losing my job than my health. My concern is working enough overtime to pay rent and bills. Being single my life is all about the hustle. Sounds terrible.

  7. I was doing good last year. I came into some extra money, joined a gym, was eating healthy meals but then I injured my back and knees at the gym on the weight machines. After that things went downhill with a relationship break-up and a death in my family. Then my money ran out so I’m back to the grind. I was in the hospital in March for another health problem and of course I was forced to eat healthy but as soon as I got out went back to my old habits. Coming home late at odd hours I eat food from whatever is open at night. My greatest fear is not another stroke but loss of income since I have no family to take care of me. Therefore I spend more time at my job than taking care of myself. I have no excuses but unless somebody forces me I’m not likely to change my pattern.

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