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image credit: everydayhealth.com
image credit: everydayhealth.com

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My mission when I started my healthy lifestyle transformation was to keep things as simple as possible.  So I committed to walking each day, which I do and have done every single day since December 1, 2014!  Walking is a very underappreciated exercise but has tremendous healthy benefits!



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  1. Interesting. Walking was my first attempt at integrating exercise into my daily routine. It works. I now love to walk, which I also do daily, in addition to working out with weights twice a week. It’s a starting point.

    1. Most habit specialists recommend introducing exercise in 5 minute increments. Go for a 5 minute walk every day…usually grows in time and distance. But the only obligation is 5 minutes.

  2. I find walking helps my writing, allowing my thoughts to drift and wander and often an idea or plot solution with come to me. Just out this morning before the heat of the day, retreated to cooler indoors to work now.

  3. 20 years ago, I was confronted with the devastating process an anti immune dissease can do with your health. I could hardly walk anymore, constant fevers, my joints were swollen and degenerating etc. My frame of mind was close to desparate. I will leave the details at that, you get the picture. I was advised to keep lots of rest and take pills. It only made me more sick. In my despair, I reasoned I had nothing to loose and followed the simple thought that the human body is made to move and hormonal, neurological, metabloic processes are induced by movement of the body. I started walking…could do no more than 10 minutes but I stubbornly kept on doing it…every day. Of course I made more life style changes, a process that never stops ;0)
    Today, I walk 2 hours every day. I take a minimum of medication. Only now, I have to start with the second phase of preventing my vertebras from further degeneration, those spinal epidurals. In time I will need operations on my spine, but look how science is improving on this!! I have been able to regain lots of my health, post pone degenrative processes, could partake in family life to the fullest. That has walking done for me! Think what it does to healthy people!
    In comparison with a woman I know who has the same dissease starting at the same time, she was in a wheel chair after 5 years. Just last week, my new doctor here in America said after looking over my history: ” your life style brought you so far! well done!!” ( the doctor 20 years ago said :”bad idea”. Never saw him again;0))
    And walking kindled my love for nature, photography, travelling. My husband and sons are fervent walkers too!
    well what a long comment…but it is nice to share a thought or two sometimes! Cheers, Johanna

    1. Johanna, thank you so much for your story! I hope someone reads this and finds a little inspiration to change their life forever!! I have offset the pain of MS by living a healthy life. I know it will not stop the disease, but it gives my body a fighting chance!

      1. You are welcome! You are experiencing too that good life style habits gives you more control of your life and the MS. It brings more joy in life of course but you also give science more changes to do something for you. There is so much going on right now. I am very happy to start spinal injections now…20 years ago it was a very painfull treatment as to painless now…small but important benefit!

  4. Walking for 40 minutes always manages to turn my frown upside down. I’m so tired afterwards I completely forget whatever I was upset about beforehand LOL.

  5. I don’t take walks each day, however, I do line dance four days out of the week…2 hrs each day except 1 and that is a full day of 4 1/2 hrs with breaks inbetween. I love it! And it makes me feel good.

  6. When I was dating a guy from Bulgaria after work we used to walk 30 City Blocks from our workplace to the subway station near his house so I could get on the train and go home. The man did not believe in taking subways or buses!! LOL!! New York City has some long city blocks. However we broke up and he retired and went back to Bulgaria. I like walking but thanks to arthritis I can’t really walk long distances anymore. My back and knees either freeze or seize up.

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