Healthy Living Update – 6/30/15

Ok so I am now in my 7th month of living a healthy lifestyle.  I only weigh every 2 weeks now and I am proud to say I hit my goal this week, weighing in at 167.6!  My beginning weight in December was 192.  I am still focusing more on making the right food choices 80% of the time and not worrying so much about what I weigh, as long as I am not junking and gaining!

Evelina does a fantastic job of finding us new healthy recipes and the diversity really helps.  We still use Skinny Taste often and have ventured out to other cookbooks.

This time of year in the south is very hot and I am thanking myself for losing the weight as it makes a huge difference.  My legs don’t hurt quite as much and having a much smaller belly has helped my confidence tremendously.  It is nice to hear people remark about how much weight I have lost.  Vain I know, but good to hear nonetheless!

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We still shop on the exterior portion of the grocery store and stay away from processed sweats.  Evelina will make an apple pie occasionally but it does not have sugar added, only cinnamon.

All in all I must say I am pleased as punch with my results so far.  I have more energy, feel better mentally, am able to walk longer distances and have a lot less body pain!

To those that have lived a neglectful life I say start now and you will thank yourself in 6 months.  I have recently started an online healthy living support group with 4 of my friends to help them through their healthy life transformation.  I will keep you updated as time goes on!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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20 thoughts on “Healthy Living Update – 6/30/15

  1. I’ve been slacking off for some time now, and I can really feel it. I just started a 3 mile a day bike ride routine and I enjoy it very much. I used to run and the pounds would fall off, but it really did a number to my knees and back so I have found biking much easier on my body, while still coming home with a fast heartbeat. Now I need to work on the sweets part. Luckily I only drink water and black coffee, don’t eat fried food and I can’t consume dairy. It’s the cookies that get me 😉

    1. Runners pay for Porsches for orthopedic surgeons! I had shoulder surgery several years ago and my surgeon joked for me to start running to help him pay for his country club membership! lol And cookies get everyone because they are so delicious!! lol

      1. He is the reason I quit running several years ago. Terrible for your knees and hips. If you start again you must run on a track built for running.

      2. Oh my goodness who knew? He did, I guess haha….I am going to see how a better eating habit, walking my dog and biking do for me for the next few months. Those are things I think I can stick with for years to come.

    1. I love sugar as well! I finally realized that my love for my life outweighed my love for sugar. And that is not being dramatic. It is the truth. My healthy is at the top of my priority list. I hope you can find some motivation to kick the sugar!

      1. I can keep off sugar for sometime but not for long. But I notice that if I eat lots of protein, I don’t need sugar at all.
        And i am struggling to find healthy protein options.
        Protein shakes are out for me, because they give me a migraine.

      2. And you can stay off sugar for ever, you just have not made up your mind to do so yet. When you decide it is time to quit, you will.

  2. I’ve been doing similar type of thing with better nutrition and exercise and has improved my sense of well being. I advise my patients on it as well. Very important and kudos for initiative and discipline to keep it up!

    1. I decided to put my mind on living a healthy lifestyle, once and for all. I figured if I focused like this, my body weight would eventually level off. My doctor tells me I will probably find my balance around 155-162 lbs..

  3. I tell people who say buying organic and non-GMO food is too expensive about the same thing – if you eat better now you’ll spend less time in the ER later. Congrats on your progress!

    1. I also tell people to cut out unnecessary expenses like their $150 cable bill or others. people just make excuses to justify or rationalize behavior.

  4. Great work! I hope you are able to continue to meet your goals! I have often wondered why people who have children don’t take their health more seriously. I would think the desire to see them grow up and partake in their life milestones and achievements would be the ultimate driving force!

  5. Every wrong move we make on diet, will come back to haunt us later in life. If we can’t waste the time now to eat better, we’ll definitely waste it later, when our bodies will break down and we’ll need more time to recover. I so hope more people would see it this way. Thank you for being an inspiration!

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