6 thoughts on “Riding for Multiple Sclerosis

      1. As do I! I have had my best day ever, as far as ‘likes’ on a post, thanks to your reblog! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I will let you know of contributions earned, and an update on the ride.
        Again, thank you dray!

      2. Bob, that is so awesome my friend. I spent the afternoon with representatives from the National MS Society and we actually talked about you and the ride! Next time you post, let me know and I will reblog every time!

      3. That is truly awesome! You may want to go back and read the story about “My First Ride”. It is about last years MS ride. I will be riding with the fellow I met and rode with last year, and he has since had a pace maker put in. He was worried about his slower times, and I assured him that we will cross the finish line together.
        Again you made me smile. Thank you!

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