Why Are Unhealthy People So Reluctant To Change?

If you have read and followed my blog for any length of time you know how adamant I am about living a healthy lifestyle.  I stand on the roof top and yell my message.  And some people listen or at least comment about the benefits of living healthy.  But most, including those that might be reading right now, know they need to change, but they simply don’t.

This fact has confused me as I don’t understand why people see impending doom and heartache, yet choose to ignore the signs and continue on as if nothing is wrong.  Why do you ignore your health problems?


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image credit: http://www.drchrischatzoglou.com

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26 thoughts on “Why Are Unhealthy People So Reluctant To Change?

  1. Because people are lazy and selfish. I’m not one to sit hear and beat my chest as Mr. Fit, but I try to take care of myself as well as possible. I’m a parent and want my child to follow suit not become obese and lazy like so many others.

  2. I agree with Gary even as it pertains to myself. Quick unhealthy options are addicting. I am 15 days into a healthy eating regime and it took me a year of knowing this was my next step before taking the plunge. And that is what it was, a step into something I thought would be impossible. When you cross over its like what was my problem? I should have started so much sooner. Thank you for your blog and educating those who will eventually listen in their own time. Unfortunately, for those who know and understand how it would only benefit them.

  3. I live relatively healthy, but the fact is, lifestyle does not prevent early death. I lived healthier before my blood cancer and there is not even a casual link to lifestyle that has been found. Stuff happens, and some people don’t want to spend their lives eating twigs and tofu when we’re all going to die, at some point anyway. Living healthy does not reduce your chance of dying in an accident. Age will kill you at some point, and do you really want to live forever? I go for balance, personally.

    1. All true. But still does not preclude one from trying to being the best they can be or from living a life that allows them to actually “live” life. Ultimately it is an individuals choice to be fit or be fat. I did not choose to have MS but I do choose to make healthier choices. With that said, I have never been one to buy into the “we all are going to die so no need for personal responsibility” mantra. And I do not eat twigs or tofu. I eat what I want in moderation and in proper portion size. Not 3,500 calories per day.

      1. Yep, balance. I have a bit a belly from my soda issues, but other than that I eat pretty well. But that is MY choice, and YOUR choice. If someone is complaining about being fat, and eats fast food all the time, I tell them to shut up. But if someone is fat and keeps quiet, it is their life. Especially if they do not have children. Making a different life choice is not necessarily denying personal responsibility.

      2. I will choose to disagree with your last statement but that leads down an entirely different road, which we will save for a different time. Great conversation!

  4. If it makes you feel better 2 of my 3 kids complain about fast food. My son, who lives with me and my dad, is a certified personal trainer with an interest in nutrition. Who complains when we don’t have food in the house and have to eat out and the oldest daughter always yelled at me about eating fast food. Number 2 child is a nurse who still eats fast food and knows better. I eat it because I HATE to cook and not too fond of many vegetables, but there are veggies in the fridge right now. I have had weight issues as a child and all through my life and then 3 babies and then stress and laziness and being made to cook family meals when I hate to cook and they all hated vegetables for the most part. Trying to cook something that everyone had something to eat was crazy and forcing them doesn’t work. My mom did that and I swore I would never be forced to eat something I don’t like and neither would my kids. Probably not the answer you were looking for. I rarely lose weight by exercising, and I have to eat no carbs to get the weight off. Carbs are bad news for me. Even just a few of them is trouble.Counting calories doesn’t work. Weight Watchers doesn’t work.

  5. I used to have a friend years ago who was very obese. I remember after seeing me eating a salad he said he would rather be dead than eat rabbit food. He died of a hear attack not too many years back.

  6. I think people see change as the admittance that something is not right with them. I like to re-frame this belief as making change is giving up something that is no longer working for them. It still takes courage and perseverance to freely give up what is no longer working for oneself. Great post. Look forward to reading your others.

  7. Because they are mentally lazy and also because they have no desire to improve as people,. Anyway they are the opposite of fitness fanatics and people over worried by what they eat or addicted to fad diets, detox etcetera. Both are extreme cases and extremes are always bad and damaging

    1. I am glad you brought up the point of fitness fanatics because you are correct. Moderation in life is the key, not going to the extreme either direction.

  8. I know people like that and I used to be one of them. It’s easier to drive through McDonalds get home, plop on the couch and watch tv for the rest of the night. Being fit and healthy takes hard work, determination (and more money from the looks of our last grocery bill). It’s the old adage “mind over matter”, they cannot change until they are determined to do so (like myself) and yes it is a lot of hard work and I know I am reaping the benefits from all of my hard work and effort.

    1. You are correct. I can say from experience that I am so thankful I made the change back in December. My body feels so much better and I feel so much better about myself!

  9. Hi Danny! Thank you for the follow!

    I myself might not be the healthiest person on the planet. But I in giving my body what it needs to function properly. I believe our body and most importantly our mind are our greatest assets. I feel like a lot of people do not fully activate the true potential of their minds and a lot of times do not take their health serious enough. They are ok with the way they which is not bad. But it is not where it should be or where they want it to be then they ought to take action. I am glad to see that there are people who are aware of themselves enough to look and feel how they want and their minds are congruent with their bodies!

    1. Ryan…great comment! I like these types of second opinions because someone might read your thoughts and say “hey, maybe I should rethink my life!” Thank you!

  10. Iam a vegitarian, do you know how many times people have asked why? Or they are so annoying they go out if their way to mut meat products in food whe I ‘ m a guest! Healthy to some is not the norm..

  11. For me it is just pure laziness. I’m naturally thin since both my parents were slim so I have never had a weight problem. Co-workers younger than me don’t believe I’m in my 50s. However being petite did not prevent me from having a stroke at age 49. The worst scare was losing some of my vision so for a while I stuck to my diet and exercised but after I injured myself lifting weights at the gym I just went back to eating chocolate chip cookies, Drinking Snapples and chips. When the Staff Cafe offers healthy food I do eat it but I rarely cook finding it easier to eat out. For some strange reason I’m not motivated to put in the effort to return to a healthier lifestyle. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed with work.

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