The Truth

I had a thought today: you will begin to find the success you wish for when you stop letting yourself off the hook for quitting.

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Life is not easy for anyone.  You are not the first individual to experience hardships.  I’m sorry to be the barer of true news, but the simple and honest truth is the reason people do not succeed is they quit.

Once you realize YOU are the answer to YOUR problems you will start finding more success.

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14 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. I had to, HAD TO, reblog this. KaBOOM in the face truth. I could go totally whacko with compliments on this one. Thank you SO much for sharing it!!

    1. Thank you Marcus!! I try to be careful with how much I “fuss” or hand out tough love. But recently I lot of the comments are long excuses. Either you do or you do not, their is no in between. And if you choose to do nothing, at least just be honest with yourself and stop with the excuses.

    1. Very true! I recall a story from the gold rush where a miner sold his claim and quit. The new owner struck millions in golf 3 feet from where the previous owner quit digging. That is a true story.

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