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  1. Tend not to trust strangers since I have been out of the network engineering field. Have no idea how I used to manage networks of fortune 500 companies. They used to basically beg me to help them fix their security issues. Once I lost my mind back in 2005, lost my courage as well. I know I am capable of killing (in theory) with my bare hands, but keep a loaded flashlight near just in case! My most vulnerable place in our house, is our office. Have only a stapler nearby for defense there. Keep weapons of choice nearby when meeting strangers!
    Jeanette Hall

    1. Jeanette, if you do little and often you can conquer your fears. Have you tried carrying the loaded flashlight with you? Everyone of us can, in the right circumstances, kill with our bare hands. Much better to scare someone with a flashlight to the eyes and running away though. I’m sure you can get better in time, after all I’m getting there myself.

  2. When you are afraid of people and new places that doesn’t leave you much choice about going out to meet people. The fact that I met 2 women off the internet (we were interested in the same subject) was surprising. I am BFF with one now. The other sort of wondered away.

  3. I have friends but I’m a Loner by nature. I enjoy my solitary life. My girlfriends are always trying to get me to try these online dating sites which I think are creepy. Nope I don’t want to date anyone who puts their private parts online! I was dating a guy last year but we split because of my crazy work schedule. I don’t have flexibility with my job so any guy would have to understand I have very little time to devote to relationships. Sometimes I’m so tired from work I almost fall asleep during dates! I do plan to retire in about three years so maybe I might jump into the dating pool. In the meantime I think I’ll stick with my cats.

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