13 thoughts on “How To Make New Friends

  1. I like your ideas, they are great tips. I haven’t really thought about joining a group with similar interests, since I work a lot and have kids at home. I am not really into the church scene either, so that is a great idea. I have made “friends” at work, but have never extended it past there. It seems like with work friends, the topic is work, which in my time off, I would like to forget about!

    1. I guess ultimately one must decide what they need in their life. For me, I had my fun, hung out with friends, did my own thing…now my life is focused on my family and my business.

      1. Now my life is focused on my family, and has been for a long time (5kids!). However, I now work full time, and have a harder time keeping up my old friendships since I work a lot I love your ideas though.

      2. It can be hard at times to maintain balance. Most often we must be jarred into a mindset of balance. I know for me it is also difficult to maintain friendships as I don’t get out much and am focused on finishing my book, managing my blog and public speaking. But it is balance that usually produces the best results. I should listen to my own advice! lol

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog! I love how your theme here fits so well with my last post on following the dream, while this post addresses another area I want to work on: As a writer I spend way too much time in my own company, and as a shy extrovert your pointers are a great place for me to start remedying that situation. Thanks again! =)

  3. Great ideas, but I am afraid of people and places I don’t know. I have Agoraphobia and I can’t go anywhere alone and I don’t like meeting new people. Makes me nervous. Good thing I don’t have to network right now since I am no longer working. Job interviews are awful, then if I go that job I would be terrified of the employees, bosses and learning a new job. Can’t work anymore, which is fine with me.

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