Successful Habit #4: It’s Not Who You Are, It’s Who You Know

We have been discussing the list I compiled in January of Habits of Successful People.  The first habit dealt with eliminating television and the second and third taught us to live within our means and avoid credit card debt.  Next on my list is developing the habit of networking.

It is not who you are, but who you know.  In golf you come to understand that in order to get better at the game you must play with players that are better than you. In instruction we often tell our students to start playing with golfers of better skill level that way they can see what better golfers do and how they act on the golf course and these habits will help them get better; and so it is in life also.

Successful people spend time each month networking.  How much time varies from a few hours to a couple days.  The important thing to understand is that successful people see the importance of meeting new people and developing new relationships. Previously I posted a statistical data sheet Dave Ramsey published on his website breaking down the percentages of successful versus poor habits.  On that list Ramsey reported that 79% of wealthy network five hours or more each month vs. 16% of poor.

Why is it important to make an effort to network?  Networking serves many purposes, but the one that comes to mind immediately is exposure to other avenues of success.  When you meet a new contact you may meet your future #1 customer or your future #1 employee or your soon to be new employer!

New people bring new energy, new perspectives, new challenges and new knowledge.  Successful people network in order to meet new people that will push their business and their life forward.  Without new “blood,” life and business becomes stagnant.

Networking exposes one to potential opportunities, individuals from which to seek advice or motivation to move forward with a new occupation or becoming an entrepreneur.  You never know from where your next job offer might come and spending face-to-face time at social meetings increases your chances of advancing, improving your situation and giving yourself more choices.

Successful people are very open-minded and understand the fact that they have limited knowledge, therefore, networking brings people into their lives that might fill a valuable spot in their employee roster or provide a crucial business partner to drive profits.

On a personal level networking brings new relationships into your life.  For those that have emailed me about the difficulties of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right, networking or socializing allows for more opportunities.  You are probably not going to meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend sitting on the couch watching television.  In order to meet new people you must get out and meet new people!  Sounds simple, but I cannot tell you how many people complain about being alone, yet spend most of their time with the same friends, in the same hangouts, doing the usual stuff.  “Same ole, same ole” yields “same ole, same ole!”

Get out to where people are socializing!  Break out of your social rut and try something new!

It does not matter if you own your own business, are an employee or are looking for a new friends; networking is the key!  Dedicate 5 hours per month to meeting new people in a face-to-face setting: chamber of commerce meetings, social clubs, luncheons, etc.

The key to your future could be just around the corner waiting for you, but if you are not actively seeking you might miss your opportunity!

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17 thoughts on “Successful Habit #4: It’s Not Who You Are, It’s Who You Know

  1. Great article. Networking is so important. I stay in contact with many former co-workers and supervisors. Many industries can be made or broken by word of mouth advertising. I have former co-workers whom I haven’t seen for 10 years still asking me for advice.

  2. I need to heed this advice! My post today’s says how bad I am at networking – will have to stay near the top of my list of improvements before Christmas!

    1. That very well could be but Edwin C. Barnes traveled as a homeless hobo half way across the US on a freight train to meet and sweep floors for Thomas Edison in hopes of becoming business partners. A few years later he made himself and Edison multi-millionaires selling Edison’s mimeograph machine. People can use excuses or they can make life happen. It is all in one’s perception of reality.

    2. And I guess my next observation would be why you assume that one must “go all around networking.” I network several hours per week sitting at my house via the internet.

  3. Great advice! The same holds true for gaining “popularity” on WordPress. It’s easier to network here because we can do it our underwear while sitting in front of a computer. Networking in real life constitutes putting on significantly more clothing to “go all around”.

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