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I am going to be honest.  There are so many different reasons that we make excuses.  Sometimes people confuse a legitimate justification to be excuse making; only the rationalizer knows for sure.  I made excuses for a long time.

The reason that I get upset at reading the excuses has to do with having MS.  There was a point in time that I was able to play 2-3 rounds of golf in a day if I wanted.  I performed extreme workouts, P90X and Insanity, to name a few.  I was athletic and I was pretty good at what I set my mind to when it came to sports.

Now a disease is trying to rob me of all that I enjoyed.  My focus on some days is to climb a set of stairs or take the dog for a walk.  And let me make this perfectly clear: I am in no way asking for sympathy or pity from anyone that reads my blog, so please resist the urge to load up the comments with pity, that is not the point.  But the one thing I do not do is make excuses.  I experience pain in ways that most people only read about; it is my life.  But I make no excuses.


I eat right because my eyes were opened to the importance of maintaining my body and giving my body the best fighting chance to hold off the inevitable.  Maybe the difference is most have not had anything taken from them without their consent as I have had my healthy taken from me.

Yet through it all, I make no excuses.

My frustration comes from the passion I have to help people understand and people’s reluctance to change.  I look at so many capable people neglecting themselves and wonder why humans wait to be struck by lightning before they say “I must change.”  I truly care about helping people live long, healthy lives.  I know there are no guarantees, one could be fit as a fiddle and get T-boned by a bus and die.  Such is life.

But to be healthy and capable, but not appreciate it boils my blood.  That is why I get so passionate.

I am not sure what I would give to live one day without pain; to experience life without the headaches, lightning flash nerve pain, the MS hugs, the fatigue.  And yet most of my readers don’t have this and take their lives for granted.  Eating crap food, gaining weight that may one day cause heart failure, showing apathy towards themselves, living on the false assumption that everything will be okay because “bad things don’t happen to me.”

Maybe we have to have something taken from us to open our eyes.  Maybe that is just the nature of being human.

Or maybe someone will read something I write and change.  And that one life is worth all the hard work.  Maybe.

Everything I do I do because I care.  I work as a MS advocate because I care.  I write this blog because I care.  And I know most of those that read Dream Big appreciate what it is that I am trying to accomplish.

Be one of the few that doesn’t wait for catastrophe.  Start loving yourself enough to take care of yourself.  Start eating healthy, start paying down your debt and get organized.  The three areas will change you and your life forever!

From the heart,



15 thoughts on “My Passion

  1. Oh Danny ! Having read your post last week, I have given up Television. I will now give up unhealthy eating.
    About 10 years back, when I was 34, I had xanthalessma- which is an indication of high cholesterol. I was scared out of my wits. But I had been in denial for ever so long, eating unhealthy, moving little and so on. After this scare, I started trying to live healthy and making changes. The result was that though the xantalessma is still there, it hasn’t advanced and neither have I died, my cholesterol levels are stable and I know what I eat now.
    But I am deficient in being disciplined and looking after myself truly.
    Thank you for making me understand the value of what I have- because like the Biblical unfruitful fig tree, I might be cut down one day.

      1. Susie…thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!! I reblogged and want to say that I am humbled by your words. And I do not say the words to just say the words. I truly am grateful for your kindness! I have reblogged your post!!

      2. So much Daniel – it is unbelievable- never expected this. Thank you a hundred times. You will be happy to know it is 10 days since I stopped watching TV.:)

      3. You must have a little more time to use during the day or at night, what have you been doing? Reading? Planning? Educating?

      4. I have been catching up on sleep, to be honest. I used to be walking around like a zombie, being in a state of continuous sleep deprivation. Now I feel awake, alert and refreshed after a nap. Thank you Daniel. You don’t know what you have done for me.

  2. SO INSPIRING and TRUE! I live near my aging mom and step dad who are watching their friends all become frail and ill and pass away. It is depressing and yet motivating at the same time to see how life distills itself down as it nears the end…makes me want to squeeze the heck out of every day that I am healthy and alive and still physically and mentally able to have a say in how I spend my waking hours.

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