Why You Should Play the Lottery??!!

We talked this morning about the pitfalls of gambling and how playing the lottery is a terrible use of your hard earned cash.  I was scanning Forbes.com and found an article that caught my eye because the author advises playing the lottery!!  But, there’s a catch to his premise.  Check it out here:



Big Dreamer


11 thoughts on “Why You Should Play the Lottery??!!

  1. Great article! The author does not REALLY think you should play the lottery. Spending a buck or two on a ticket can allow you to dream big, then instead of waiting for the magic lottery ticket, do what you can to make it happen!

  2. Lottery is a great way to practice non-attachment. I decided to only play the scratch off win for life. I buy a card when I buy ice cream, put it in my pocket and sometimes even forget. It’s like Schroedingers Cat. What’s in the box isn’t going to change whether or not I open it, maybe it will change me maybe it won’t …

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