Bob’s MS Ride

Bob at Guidance Fitness Personal Training is participating in a 95 mile bike ride for MS.  This is a great way to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.  Please click the link to his site and click donate to help him reach his goal.  I am challenging my readers to participate and help him reach his goal of $150!!  He has $45 raised so far and needs $105.

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Reach in your pockets and give Bob a $1.  I have donated $10 to get the ball rolling so follow the example and let’s get this done for a great cause.  Don’t let me down Dreamers!!  If 105 people give $1, the goal will be met!

Donations are made through the National MS Society website so donate with confidence!

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13 thoughts on “Bob’s MS Ride

      1. So sorry you have to go through this. I hate the governments wasting money that could be used for the med research. I am certain that MS can be cured, but it takes time to find the way. My daughter’s friend probably has MS a good few years – the docs just failed to make a diagnosis until now. It is tough, and I feel the deepest sympathy and respect for you and anyone who suffers. Last summer they collected 4 millions for the MS cause in Ireland, and I hope the money went where it was needed.

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