12 thoughts on “Make Yourself Happier!

  1. I can say that in general, I am a happy person, even with my chronic pain that I have since 9 years ago. Everybody who knows me, says, I am! 🙂

    1. Living with chronic pain is tough. I am glad the brain dampens the effects of pain over time as I don’t think I could handle experiencing the full impact of my MS on a daily basis. And keeping your mind focused on being positive is difficult and takes lots of effort, but leaves a lasting impression on those around you!! Continue to be a shining example of fortitude!

  2. I do every single thing on that list except for practicing smiling. I have been blogging about saying yes to the things that feel good to the soul. That has been doing wonders as well. In response to the article I say it must be right. Tried and true and I am happy 🙂

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