Turn Your “Can’t” into C.A.N.

You must adapt your habits to match the goal you desire. Change your thinking, change your life! Here is another perspective on changing your habits I found on Eat, Lift & Be Married! Enjoy…

DIY fruit stand

Eat, Lift & Be Married

Whether you are wanting to make major lifestyle changes, or just trying to break some bad habits, I believe that everyone can be working towards improvements. Unfortunately, making improvements is never easy. Once we get stuck in a rut of bad habits, it takes a lot of effort to turn those around. Here are three tips to turn your “Can’t” to “CAN!”

C – Convenient

A – Attractive 

N – Normal

Convenient: If you had the choice between the cookies on your counter, or the apple buried in the bottom of your fridge, let me guess what you would choose… Obviously the cookie! It’s the easier and more convenient option. Put that box of cookies in the back of your cabinet so you are not tempted by them every day and replace them with a bowl full of fresh fruit! By making the fruit a convenient choice, it will be easier to make the healthy choice.

DIY fruit crate

Attractive: It’s important…

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