What Is ‘Doing Your Best?’

Earlier today I asked you to ask yourself a question: Are you doing everything in your power to give yourself the best opportunity to have what you want in life?  Some might confuse this question with doing one’s best or giving one’s best effort.  Check out this article:



Big Dreamer


13 thoughts on “What Is ‘Doing Your Best?’

  1. Love this; to the point and a short read. Some have me gone after two paragraphs with this Blogging 101 and my time. Again, thanks.

    1. I have people email me weekly asking why I think they don’t get traffic. Then I look at their 2,500 word posts! I told them no one reads posts that long, but they keep doing it. I can’t even read my own stuff for that long! lol

      1. Good advice is to cut long posts into parts. People are more inclined to read them plus it becomes like an adventure to finish it – if there are multiple parts it must be really good (at least we all hope!)

      2. …Which is one reason I am following blogs on twitter or other media. Easy on the emails! My follow me are way south on my page Haha … need to clean it up. Thanks for follow!

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