Soda v Water

Here are some interesting facts about water and soda.  I once told a story of how we used Coca-Cola in the golf business to clean copper golf clubs, but that’s not all soda cleans!  And imagine some of you folk drink 8-10 sodas per day!


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21 thoughts on “Soda v Water

  1. So softdrinks are really scary… And I love Mountain Dew so much T_T When you’re used to drinking them, water somehow tastes icky, that I don’t know why. But I’m getting myself used to water nowadays. Softdrinks only make me thirstier 🙂

  2. I grew up drinking Coke. My mother still has her Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I was 23 my grandmother gave me a list similar to this one, about all the things they use soda for and how it does the same thing to your insides. I haven’t bought a soda since then, and that was 10 years ago! I only drink water and one coffee in the morning. No soda, milk or juices.

  3. Actually Coca Cola was first made as an hair lotion before it became a drink. I personally never drink soda or fizzy drinks because these last are full of sugar and are also acidic As the proverb says: Adam’s ale is the best drink so I stick to it.

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