Habits of Successful People #6: Read Non-Fiction

The next habit on our list of Habits of Successful People is: #6. Read non-fiction daily.  Wealthy people understand the importance of self improvement and read to expand their knowledge.

I know lots of people that read, but this habit is very specific.  And I can attest that every successful person that I know is usually reading something new about technology, science, economics, politics, business or self-improvement.  The reason for this non-fiction reading habit is to specifically expand the scope of their knowledge.


Often times successful people will pick a subject with which they have had very little to no exposure.  What this does is broadens their mind and brings them into a better understanding of a topic that prior they had very little knowledge.  This habit also keeps one on the cutting edge of markets and allows the successful person to be better prepared for upcoming trends or changes in economic climate.

One very important idea is to read other successful people’s autobiographies.  This can give you invaluable insight into mistakes to avoid or new positive habits to emulate.  After all, there are few trailblazers and most of the time success in any arena is more of following those that came before more than creating an entirely new path.

My personal choice is to rarely ever read fiction.  I decided many years ago to focus on history, autobiographies, biographies and the like.  Not that there is anything wrong with fiction, just that I figured my time would be better spent reading about what is really happening or has happened in the world.  Real life is better than fiction every day of the week!

I encourage everyone to pick a historical figure, successful business person or historical event and give a read.  You will be amazed at what you find!  It’s a big, big world out there!

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