Relaxation via Meditation

My father-in-law meditates daily and has encouraged me to do so, although I must admit I have, but irregularly.  I have several friends that swear by meditation and I am kicking around the idea of adding it to my morning routine.  I do not know much about meditation so I thought we would learn together!

At any rate, I do see how meditation can help one relax, recharge and get the mind in order.


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20 thoughts on “Relaxation via Meditation

  1. I added it to my routine 4 or 5 years ago, and it’s the single best thing I’ve done for myself. 15 minutes every morning. I wish I had longer but 15 min. works for me. My mind is clearer during the day, I am more grounded, more mindful. I work, and it helps me to stay with things, and focus. Your father-in-law is a smart man.

  2. I meditate but my tinnitus is very distracting if there is complete silence. I prefer reciting a particular mantra over and over again or I have downloaded some great guided meditations to keep me on track. I’ve tried counting my breath but I get too bored. It’s hard work but worth it.

  3. We are introducing meditation into our last class lesson of the day, next year. It is an unproductive period as the students are tired so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference. I wish we could start sooner.

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    two very different yet simiar activities.. Suze Orman suggests taking an hour to just think. don’t do anything with those thoughts, just think them and observe them — very similar to meditation and maybe relaxing, i try to do all three.

  5. Its extraordinary what happens when we tap in like that, through meditation. It makes sense though – we’re tapping into a higher vibration and bringing it through into this physical realm. Good stuff!

  6. I’m not keen on meditation and I don’t think that it suits everybody. Lately it has been found that 63% of people that embark in meditation experience depression and even bouts of schizophrenia. While for the rest most of them give it up very quickly. This is because It’s easy to do it in a group, say at a meditation class, but very difficult to do it at home by oneself. Meditation only suits those that are drawn to lead a monastic life. Anyway the idea that meditation is sitting on the floor watching one’s own navel is totally wrong. Anything can be meditation as long as one is totally focused on it., Practising or teaching Tai chi, playing music, cooking, walking in parks, countryside or by the seaside, drawing are my favourite ways to meditate, Christian believers recite repetitive prayers such as using the rosary beads which is a type of meditation too.

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