Unplug to Recharge

My first two posts have been about planning times to relax.  I think sometimes we leave relaxation up to chance; it happens when it happens.  But I believe we should not wait until vacations or holidays to experience a recharge.


What if you planned 2-3 sessions per week specifically aimed at relaxation.  You might meditate or pray, exercise, walk in the park, spend time in nature, stare at the clouds, etc.  Whatever it is that relaxes you, plan it!  It is imperative that each of us hits the reset button and give the mind and body a chance to recover from the abuse of life.

Stop watching 5 hours of television each day and set aside some time for a recharge.  Fortunately for me my recharge will come in a few days on the beach with a Corona!  Unplug the technology, turn off the phone and disconnect for 30 minutes a few times each week.

It might be as simple as locking the office door, turning off the lights and napping.  Life wants you to always be on the go, but I insist that you must take some time for yourself.

All of my research has revealed to me that this practice is crucial for mental and physical health.  I will be implementing this habit and strongly encourage you to do so as well.

Care about yourself enough to take care of yourself!

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19 thoughts on “Unplug to Recharge

  1. Like Kristina, we lived on a sailboat for an extended period & a good fast internet connection was the main thing we missed. Yoga on the beach was fun, but I actually decided to comment because I agree with you that we need to plan small mini-breaks throughout the week and long ones every once in a while. And 2 days ago, I began a long one, after finishing all necessary edits for Purr-a-Noia & the rough draft of Fire Island, which will debut in mid-December. I’m taking the rest of July off, and will get back to editing and creating in August.
    No coronas for me, however, since I’m violently allergic to hops.

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