The Power of History

So I am a huge fan of reading non-fiction works.  I mostly reserve my reading these days to early Christian origins and love the history of how the Jesus movement began.  At this moment I am trying to finish up chapter 1 of Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman as my friend Katherine is awaiting my thoughts (sorry Katherine for the delay!).  In this work Ehrman covers how early scribes altered and edited the earliest manuscripts into the version of the Bible we have today and it is fascinating thus far.

Anywho, I encourage everyone to continue their education via non-fiction and I found this great list to help get you started.  I have only read 12 of the 25, but plan to add a couple to my reading list!


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10 thoughts on “The Power of History

      1. Aside from the book you mentioned, I have his: Lost Scriptures, Forged, God’s Problem, and Jesus Interrupted. I also have one of Elaine Pagel’s book. 🙂

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