Think and Grow Rich: A Review

I have referenced this classic many times and have recommended it often.  I amended Hill’s model into 6 basic steps that I use to achieve every goal in my life.  I found this review, which I believe offers a very fair assessment of the book.  If you have not read, I recommend you add it to your list!

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill

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12 thoughts on “Think and Grow Rich: A Review

  1. I am currently reading “Think and Grow Rich for Women” by Sharon Lechter. So far, it is a great review of the original with lots of advice from successful women. Perfect for women readers!

  2. Napoleon Hill is great. From the olden days of self-help book I like Dale Carnegies “How to make friends and influence people”. Good basic stuff that works. Thanks. Louise

    1. Hill used money as the prime subject because it was written in 1937 and the country was struggling after the market crash. But the book is about goal achievement

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