Why Read Nonfiction?

Earlier this morning I posted a great list of 25 nonfiction books everyone should read.  But why read nonfiction?  Is it important?  Will it help you develop yourself?  Check out this great article I found on the Prospect website:



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      1. I do too and mine is non-fiction mostly. My stories are my life and the poems sometimes are but they are mainly fiction. I put them on another of my blogs, but I post them here too.

  1. All research on a book or written piece should have accurate information. Non-fiction or fiction, doesn’t matter. Back in the day as a correspondent for DOD, we verified our facts 3 times from 3 different sources. Now, there is so much misinformation on the Internet, verification is sketchy at best, perception versus fact reigns supreme so therefore opinionated, and non-existent sources in far too many cases. One of the negatives of technology, but the positive up side of quick-turneraround has become the norm. All writers must develop their own systems of accuracy, clarity, and consistency. I still verify my facts from 3 different sources, especially for my fiction writing. If the premise or theme is not supported … well, you just lost readers and personal credibility. Leave your speculations and opinions for horse races and metaphors. Be true to thyself. Let your characters have their own voices, and let them speak the truth. If they aren’t, your readers will see through it anyway, but sometimes you need to develop such a character in fiction, but keep your readers abreast of all the facets and rough spots in your character’s mind and personality.

  2. I’ve written three fiction books and I’m writing my first non fiction that will be ready for publishing soon. I’ve always read fiction but allegorical fiction where the real world is seen though the dimension of fantasy. So basically it’s non fiction seen under a different light. I think that one should have a good balance between reading fiction and fiction. Reading too much non fiction can make one too dry and lacking in imagination while reading only fiction can make one too detached from reality and prone to live in cloud cuckoo land.

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