Do You Dream of Having 1000s of Followers?

Have you found yourself being envious of blogs that have 1000s or 10,000+ followers?  I was at one point so I used this and other articles to help me learn to blog effectively.  My number one focus is to produce quality, original content and post often.  In the beginning I only posted a couple times per week, but I found that the more I posted, the more visitors I received!

It takes a while to figure things out, but you can’t just sit back and wonder why no one visits.  Experiment.  At one point I was posting too much and my numbers represented this fact so I cut back to 6-8 posts per day.

Anyway, check out these great tips:


Big Dreamer


8 thoughts on “Do You Dream of Having 1000s of Followers?

  1. I am more inclined into having “readers” and “viewers” rather than followers. I had talked to some bloggers who have thousands of followers but their views are less than 50 a day. I was expecting their views in thousands, if not in hundreds a day. Apparently, having a follower does not mean that the follower will “follow and view” your blogs.

  2. I appreciated when they talked about how it’ll take a while. Whenever I read testimonials from bloggers about how it took a good chunk of time I never really believe it but that graph gave me hope. Thanks for sharing!

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