Greetings From Florida!

Take advantage of meeting new people in the Meet n Greet!  Grow your blog readership, but more importantly introduce yourself to so many great people.  We are west of Jacksonville and about 4 hours from our destination!  Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday!

Big Dreamer

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15 thoughts on “Greetings From Florida!

  1. Visited Florida while in high school. Was too warm for my taste. Have bounced all around this country in my short life. Have lived in 5 different states of this country I call home. Do not think I will be moving any more. Minnesota is where I will live out the rest of my life.
    Jeanette Hall

  2. When I read your opening paragraph, I thought you lived in my community here in Boynton Beach FL!!

    Today, we had our “Meet ‘n Greet” in our Clubhouse during this afternoon, in order to meet our newest residents. We have 192 homes – a relatively small community, but we like it that way – more close relationships and cooperation for the community as a whole.

    So, as I continued reading, I of course realized that wasn’t the case. Hope you enjoy your trip!! 🙂

  3. I began blogging a few years ago. I enjoy connecting with others through blogging and feel blessed to be a part of the blogging community. I think that by reaching out through friendship, we can expand our horizons, raise our vibrations and help our world to be better. This is so nice of you. Here’s my blog ~
    I am happy to connect with all of you! Please stop by! ♥

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