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By the time you read this I will have been on the road for several hours!!  We have talked recently about the importance of networking and meeting new people, so here’s your chance.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog post or page and a little info about yourself in the comments and then reblog!  Great way to network.

For those of my readers that are not bloggers take a few moments and scan the links in the comments as there are so many talented writers on WordPress.  One of my favorite things about WP is it serves as a social platform allowing me to discover so many talented individuals!


I have never done this before, but figured what better way to spend a Sunday than helping others expand their readership??!!  After all, I met so many of you through a similar meet n greet on OM’s page several months ago.

If you do not have the “following” you want, then participate.  This is one of the simple ways that I have added nearly 3200 new followers in 10 weeks!  Don’t just sit around and wait on people to find you!

I’ll check in occasionally from the road and say ‘hi!’

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300 thoughts on “Meet n Greet!

  1. I don’t have a good answer for “what is your Blog about?” I guess my blog is about the thoughts and stories in my head that must get out.
    I did have a feature every Thursday called OTT, but I have been neglecting that recently. Too many other things in my head. Check me out. You might find what you need. You might laugh, you might cry. You might think “this person has no business writing”
    Would love to know what you think. No matter what that may be.

  2. Hi dray, thanks very much for liking a few of my posts, in turn also enabling my connect with your world. As you rightly point out, wp is a fine platform for meeting and interacting with talented and creative minds. I just started my journey here over a year back, and enjoying the distance travelled, and the prospect of almost infinite cyber miles lying ahead of me, teeming with gifted people like yourself. I look forward to staying connected and exchanging notes…best wishes.. Raj.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. For poetry, photography, a bit of philosophy and humor, stop by and visit me at I always love meeting new creative minds!

  4. Hi everyone, I am looking forward to meet you all! I am always searching for new interesting blogs to follow!

    I’m a med student that shares her own experiences with building a healthy body despite medical conditions. Don’t let any disease stop you from being healthy and fit!

    I would be happy to meet you there! 🙂

  5. Hey guys

    My name is Natalie, not something you would find out on my blog. What A fantastic idea to meet other bloggers. Well my blog is over at It is still rather young and in need of a re-vamp though I´m going to use an old phrase we shouldn’t´t judge a book by its cover 🙂
    Anyway if I had to put a category on my blog I would say, health and well-being. A lot of my posts are about simple treatments or healthier methods for hair styling, however if you read my blog you will notice it all links to a happier and healthier you 🙂 If this is your kind of read check it out and you can also check out my Vlogs over at
    Look forward to some new great reads.
    don´t forget to share Dannys link, sharing is caring.

  6. Hi there. I’m new to the blogging world, but check me out over at After 17 years as a working Mom, I am now enjoying some time at home with the kids. As a newly one income family, I am learning ways to budget and save money, yet still have fun. I look forward to meeting you. Amy

      1. the unlimited reblogging occurs every other weekend. the next one starts 10/23. Get in line quick as i usually get 100s posted and can’t get to them all.

  7. Hi..

    this is an awesome initiative. … really like that.. thanks for it.

    I am Peter English from South Africa and writing about women’s issues, harassment, pregnancy, parenting, single women issues and similar……..

    Hope you can hop over…

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