Why are you so nice to me?

FargaregardsAnna has some great things to say about being kind. You all know that I am a huge proponent of spreading kindness and being generous so…I LOVE THIS POST!!!

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I often get that question, when I’m nice to people.

The question implies that it’s an effort to be nice. Or that I give something up, when I’m nice to any one. It implies that niceness can’t be free.

But it is free to be nice. It’s very easy to be nice to people. It’s being mean and narrow that costs enery and effort. I think.

The question also content surprise. The questioner seems to be surprised over the niceness. They can’t find any particular reason for me to be nice to them.

You don’t need reasons to be nice. Niceness should always be free.

I can’t help being nice to people. It’s so easy and it makes my surroundings nicer. When I’m nice to people I very often get niceness in return. That’s nice 😉

So, try for your self. Be nice even though your not find a particular…

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