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Most bloggers I know that wonder why they don’t have more readers are bloggers that do not understand how to get more 6readers.  First, you must produce content that people want to read.  Keep posts short and sweet, around 1500 words.  Second, check your work for spelling and grammatical errors.  Third, follow other blogs.  If you follow someone, they will usually follow you back.  Fourth, when readers take the time to comment you should take the time to formulate a response; actually engage.

AND, lastly, do not spam LIKE posts.  I have 4 or 5 people who LIKE 15 posts in a row and there is no way they read all that content.  I would rather have one true view and comment than 1000 of these worthless spam LIKEs.  It truly annoys me so I put them on probation and do not read, LIKE or reblog any bloggers that practice spamming.

I read posts from so many asking why they don’t get more response, meanwhile they rarely get outside of their own world.  Try reaching out to others and watch your numbers grow.  Just sayin…

Click this Meet n Greet link, copy a link of your page to the comments and then reblog my post as a ‘thank you.’  Reblogging is the key to this whole thing as more exposure means more people means more interaction!

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