Is It Time to End the Meet n Greet?

We have been conducting the Meet n Greet since Sunday, but it seemed to lose a little steam today.  Is a week too long for this 6type event?  Should I shut it down?  Or just let it keep going even if it slows a bit?  I will decide based on responses so give me your opinion.  I have still attached the link.

Even though the Meet n Greet is slowing down, the reblog request list is growing big time!!  Keep them coming and I will be reblogging through Sunday!  You can find the link here and I will reblog as long as the post is not laced with too much profanity or vulgarity!  lol   Anywho, I hope all is well in your part of the world!

Greetings from Florida…



6 thoughts on “Is It Time to End the Meet n Greet?

    1. It’s not cheeky at all. Jamie if you wouldn’t mind to leave the link on the original post In Need of Reblogging Material that would be easier for me as that is the place I go to see the links. Thnx!

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